A state of the art Pangea brand infrared thermometer (model: aircare a66), equipped with a special Shabbat mechanism enabling it to operate automatically in a Shabbat friendly manner.

How does the Zomet enabled Shabbat mechanism work?

The Shabbat mechanism sets the infrared thermometer to automatically check the temperature of what is in front of it every 4 seconds. It operates without any need for pressing buttons on Shabbat.

פיקוד שבת

Shabbat mode



לחול ולשבת

Suitable for Shabbat and Weekdaysn

Who is the Device for?

The device is ideal for any public institution, synagogue, hospital, mikveh or the like, which is required to check the temperature of all those entering.

Halakhic background for the ModChom Shabbat

The Shabbat infrared thermometer was created to enable infrared temperature readings in a manner in line with halakhic limitations on measuring, use of electricity, and writing on Shabbat.

All forms of measuring and weighing are generally rabbinically prohibited on Shabbat due to their extensive use in the marketplace and their various weekday usages (a probation known as Uvdin DeChol, weekday matters (see Mishna Berura 306, 34), often referred to as “non-shabbosdik“).

Nevertheless, the Shulchan Aruch explicitly permits measuring for the ill or for the purpose of a mitzvah. Therefore, checking an ill person’s temperature with a thermometer will be permitted as long as the use of the thermometer is permissible.

Clearly the ideal form of thermometer for public domains would be a thermometer that can hygienically read temperatures from a distance without the need for it to be handled by one or more people. Infrared electronic thermometers can serve that purpose throughout the week, but can they be made in a manner that is permissible for Shabbat?

Since the thermometer is not actually being used to heal a sick individual, but rather to identify if someone has a fever, using a regular electronic or digital thermometer is not an option.

The Zomet Institute developed an infrared thermometer that operates automatically, ensuring that no electrical circutis will be closed on Shabbat and no device will be turned on or operated. The automated Shabbat thermometer is programmed to check the temperature every 4 seconds whether or not anyone is standing in front of it. Every 4 seconds it automatically sends out an infrared temperature reading, showing the temperature on its little screen.

Any change in electric output is treated as an act of shinui zerem chashmali, a modification of an existing current, which is permitted in these instances by poskim such as Rav Shlomo Zalman Auereabach and many others.

The characters on the electrophoretic display of the temperature reading are also not viewed as an act of writing.

For these reasons, the Zomet Institute devised the ModChom Shabbat, Shabbat Infrared Thermometer, to automatically operate on Shabbat to allow digital temperature readings in a permitted manner for health-related uses of a thermometer.

For a longer discussion of the halakhic rationale of the device, see below.

Operating Instructions

The thermometer can be used either as a hand-held device, or mounted in a stationary position whenever possible.


Prior to Shabbat:

  • Connect the thermometer to an electric outlet
  • Ideally one should silence the beeping on the device by pressing the mute button.
  • Ideally position the thermometer firmly in place in the ideal location


On Shabbat

  • One should be within 5 to 10 cm of the thermometer for one’s temperature to be read.
  • When used as a mounted stationary device, anyone who walks in front of the device will wait a maximum of 4 seconds before the temperature is read.
  • When used as a handheld device one individual holds the thermometer and within 4 seconds, there will be an automatic temperature reading of the individual.
  • One should not touch any of the buttons on Shabbat.


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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is even suggested that before Shabbat one press on the mute button, which will ensure that it operates without any beeping.

Yes, the device can be plugged in to a Shabbat timer which can be set before Shabbat to operate at specific times. When setting the timer, ensure that the device is on before the timer sets it off. Be aware that after the device is turned on again due to the Shabbat clock, it will revert to its factory settings, and will therefore, beep every time there is a temperature reading, even if the mute button was pressed before Shabbat.

The device stores the last temperature reading until another reading is taken. Therefore, the temperature will remain on the display for enough time to be able to see the reading.

Yes, for sure. The device is set to operate automatically whenever operating. Therefore, even during the week, when hooked up to an electric outlet or when a battery is inserted, it will consistently check temperature every 4 seconds.

One can choose if they want the device to be powered by a battery or by an electric plug. Just a note, since the device operates automatically the battery will drain quicker than it would in a regular electronic thermometer. [Battery life is a function of a number of factors, from battery quality to brightness of the screen and whether the sound is muted, but generally a battery will last for about 2-7 days when operating continuously on battery power].

Extensive Halakhic background

Instructions for use on Shabbat

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